Thursday, June 10, 2010



I can't believe it. We've come to the end of ten blissfully, exciting jam packed weeks! Now I have to do the impossible, decide which week was the best. I feel like one sitting with a bag of your favourite Lindt chocolates having to decide which your favourite is. I know, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! So let me give you a peek and you’ll see why it is so difficult to select the best learning week;

Week 0: It was great to meet everybody from around the world. Suddenly the world was an oyster in my hand.

Week 1: To BLOG or not, you’re must be joking! How exciting it was to learn about blogs, personal and class blogs were most useful to me. I have already decided to make this part of next semester’s writing activities.

Week 2: Well the alphabet starts with A, so too learning. It is all about the audience. Here I was reminded to how to focus my energy and planning to best suit my student’s needs. At the same time I was saving time and energy because I did what I set out to do and enjoyed the reward of meeting my objectives.

Week 3: What a little sweet treat Delicious was! My favourites organized and available when ever but best still where ever I am. This tool came at the right time for me. I remember during week 3, I travelled 800km away from home with my Delicious page waiting for me. It saved me the hassle of transferring documents.

Week 4: I was introduced to this great resource for reading /writing skills. Authentic texts with-wait for it- its own completed exercises, and the cherry on the cake, with the answers!!! Now isn’t that grand?

Week 5: How wonderful it was to be introduced to Webquests! Make no mistake it takes some time to put everything together but oh that great sense of pride once you webquest is published.

Week 6: Rubrics came served on its own platter, Rubistar, your one stop rubric shop. It was so easy to create new rubrics. It was interesting to be reminded of the different learning styles of students but the best part was how to adapt your lessons to reach them.
Week 7: I had never liked power point! That was until week 7. Now I too believe this great tool has a valuable place in my teaching. We were also introduced to great tips on handling large classes. The same techniques were also suitable for smaller classes.

Week 8: We were reminded to make the learner the focus of our teaching. At the end of the day our task is to help develop learner’s sense of independent learning. The examples by Susan on the one-computer classroom were interesting and helpful.

Week 9: I think this was my best, best week. It was during this week I had to defend the incorporation of technology in our courses. The information during this week aided me in my presentation which led to the green light given to incorporate technology in my courses.

Week 10: I feel a bit bereft. Not that the LoTI assessment tool is not interesting, it’s quite the opposite. I have a tool which will help me progress in the use of technology in my classes.
Well all good things must come to an end so too this course. I wish to thank our facilitator, Deborah for the great job she had done. I learnt, was empowered and feel ready to conquer.
Now I’m off to the States for a short break.

Wishing you all a wonderful technology incorporated time ahead


  1. Hi Jules,

    Thanks a lot for your comments and for your support during this course. I hope we can work together in a future English training. I will be in my blog and hope you can visit it sometimes.

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